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Transforming How Health Plans Are Delivered And Experienced

Unlock your employees' highest potential, while saving up to 40% on your health plan costs.


Build a healthcare ecosystem to make optimal wellness accessible, affordable and engaging for all

The Healthcare We've All Been Waiting For

Has Arrived

Employee Experience

Highest Potential

Employees are intelligently matched with a coach and care team to transform behaviors, health conditions, and habits so they reach their highest potential (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social). 

Convenient and Engaging

Employees download our app for easy access to their benefits, and for direct contact with their dedicated care teams, 24/7.

Employer Experience

Retention and Productive Workforce

Employers attract and retain top talent by offering our innovative benefits. As employees transform personal behaviors and conditions, they add increasing value back into the business.

Transparency and Insights

Employers have complete visibility into their plan and real time, data-driven insights into how it's preforming. 


Cost Savings

Eliminating misaligned middlemen means preventing unnecessary cost while passing all cost savings directly to the employer.

Rise eliminates the middlemen and puts people first.


Our platform connects the entire care delivery process: payers, providers, people and prescriptions.


Predictive analytics and intelligent data save companies money by preventing over and under treatment with more accurate recommendations.


Direct contracting, PBM removal, and de-prescribing provide Rx cost savings while contributing to a healthier workforce.


Eliminating fee-for-service while working together with predictive and artificial intelligence to treat the whole person and not just symptoms.


Connection, trust, and support that nourishes a meaningful life.


Efficient technology collapses the claims process and provides direct, innovative payment solutions.

Ready to Transform Healthcare?

We're always looking for people who share our mission to shake up the status quo.

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